Ring, the Video Doorbell market leader, announced an all-encompassing home alarm system.

Yes, last week Nest also announced one, as well as its doorbell.  It seems Nest & Ring are going head to head!

The Ring alarm system will comprise of a base station, keypad, motion detector, door/window sensors and a Ring range extender.

Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm – Home Security System

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If you are an existing Ring user you will know exactly why you need the range extender – their tech needs a strong signal to work effectively. It will also have a passive infrared sensor.

The new system will work with existing Ring tech and be integrated into the existing app. This does mean you will also need the Ring subscription to benefit from cloud recording. As yet no update on how this impacts the subscription price. At present this is very cheap at only £2.50 per camera per month or £8 per month for unlimited cameras!

The big difference between the Ring system and the one Nest announced is the price, Ring Alarm system will cost £150~. Making it a much more affordable solution when compared to Nest or existing home security systems.

The Ring Home Alarm system will go on pre-sale later this month in the USA, no dates for UK, yet.

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