Since Amazon bought Ring they have been rapidly expanding. One such expansion was the announcement of a Smart Lighting solution that fully integrated with Ring. This will be using their recent acquisition of LED light company Mr Beam.

The Ring light range includes:

  • Ring Spotlight
  • Ring Floodlight
  • Ring Pathlight
  • Ring Steplight

They require a hub, in the same way market leader Philips Hue does.

All controlled from the Ring App and integrating with Alexa.

The new smart lights were supposed to be shipping this month to USA customers who had pre-ordered.

Today Ring sent an email to these customers pushing back shipping to May 2019. Offering the option of cancelling or keeping their order.

It appears Ring is still squashing final bugs, although good to see this is being done before release!

It will be interesting to see how these lights compare with market leader, Philips Hue new outdoor range.

For more information on Ring Smart Lighting visit

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