Ring, the Video doorbell company, has released its new floodlight cam in the UK after being on sale in the USA.

Like Ring did with the vide doorbell Ring have reinvented the floodlight or, as we normally call them in the UK, security light.

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On top of super bright twin LED lights it is packed with extra features; HD camera with facial and object recognition, 2 way audio and a 110 decibel alarm!!

The light is controlled by the same app as the doorbell and has a similar level of customisation and sensitivity settings. It also works with IFFTTT.

The light has to be hard wired, we assume this is because once mounted no one wants to climb up a ladder to change a battery every 4 weeks.

It only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-FI, this will be to get maximum range. However is slightly short sighted as a lot of homes now have garden or garage access points so a 5GHz should have been an option especially for a video device with live option.

We really like the idea of this product but have quite a few concerns – probably one to watch before purchasing.

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mike hudgell
mike hudgell

I have Ring Video Doorbell 2 and a Chime – works great.
Just bought a pair of Wire Spotlight Cams, very excited!
However, when I go through the set-up it fails when I try to connect to the Ring wifi. “Unable to connec to Ring xxx” message.
I have a Iphone and BT Home Hub 6. Using Channel 6 on wifi. Tried everything I can, and spent 90 mins on phone with Ring support.
Any ideas before I send them back?

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