Sure Flap the cat flap and pet experts made an interesting announcement, they have developed the worlds first Wifi App controlled – Smart Cat Flap. You can buy it now from Amazon UK for just under £50 with next day delivery.

However before we talk about the tech this is not just a cat flap it is in fact a pet door. This is due to the size, it is slightly larger than your average cat flap, meaning it is also suitable for small dogs.

Sure Flap – Smart Cat Flap

Sure Flap – Smart Cat Flap

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The Smart Pet door connects to your wifi via a hub, the only hub we have seen with ears, and then gives you notifications on an app when your pet uses it as well as allowing you to control access.

The door uses 4 C batteries and they claim will last more than an impressive 6 months. It has a memory of 32 pets – we are guessing this has been done to allow for commercial use or your local crazy cat lady!

Smart Cat Flap

Like Sure Flaps existing cat flaps the new product uses the animals microchip to identify your cat or dog. If you do not have a microchip you can use an RFID collar tag.

To us this sounds like a brilliant idea – being able to see when your cat is in or not and being able to control when it can go out and not. Our cat comes and goes as it pleases and this gives extra peace of mind being able to see when exactly he was last home.

Founder of Sure Flap, Dr Nick Hill said

“We plan to pursue more opportunities in the connected space, developing products that address real concerns for pet owners,”

Hopefully this means there is more smart pet products in development, this is for sure a booming market and one we are pretty excited about.

The Smart Pet Door Connect and Hub can be purchased together for a RRP of £159.99.
The Smart door can be purchased separately for RRP £119.99

PS. You can buy it now from Amazon UK for just under £50 with next day delivery.

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