Sonos is our favourite home multi room music system – we have 5 of them in our house.
We were pretty excited when they announced a Sonos Alexa update coming in 2017. No more unlocking phone and then opening an app, in theory a simple voice command would allow you to play your favourite music on Sonos.

PS. You can buy new Sonos products from Amazon UK, starting at around £100.

However as is often the case with Sonos there was no further updates, despite it being 7 months into 2017. That was until now, an official spokesman ‘Ryan’ on the Sonos forum community said:

“The Alexa integration already has the highest priority here and the team’s working to bring it out with all necessary fires burning under the right seats. While we’re not sharing a timeline beyond the promise that it’ll be out this year, that doesn’t mean it’s far out, just that it isn’t here yet.”

This keeps us optimistic a Sonos Alexa integration will be released this year and we will not get a later update delaying it till 2018.

He also gave a little insight into the communication strategy of Sonos:

“We tend not to give timelines but wanted everyone to know this was the direction we’re heading, so in this case, the company broke the usual silence and let slip some plans”

This confirmed what most Sonos fans already knew, they take the somewhat old fashioned approach of sharing very little. We can only assume this approach was broken due to the rapid growth in this area. Sonos wanted its fans and owners to know a solution is coming so they don’t invest in competitors tech. We just hope they hurry up or ours and other fans patience might run out.

We have emailed Sonos asking if they have anything to add and as usual will update you if we hear back.

PS. You can buy new Sonos products from Amazon UK, starting at around £100.

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