Sonos has hinted at Google assistant coming to its smart speaker Sonos ONE in time for the lucrative Christmas period. In an interview with online magazine The Verge, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence commented it was;

“Coming later this year [2018]”

When pushed for an exact date about Christmas he commented;

“We’re working as hard as we can and so is Google to get it ready for that time”

This is welcome news to Sonos One owners who from day one have been promised a Google Assistant integration ’coming soon’.

It would also mean a big boost for Sonos just in time for Christmas 2018 where there is a lot of competition in the smart speaker gift market.

This would also mean Sonos is the first smart speaker to be ‘assistant independent’ and allow the user to ask either Alexa or Google when it wanted. Maybe one day even Microsoft Cortana or Apple Siri will join the party.

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