Sonos Shop coming to London!

Sonos, the speaker experts, are about to open their first new store outside USA and yes you guessed it right its coming to London!!

The store is going to be located in Covent Garden, just 5 minutes’ walk from the hugely popular Apple shop.

(Map showing exactly where the shop is in relation to the Apple Store)

The store opens just in time for Christmas, 16 November 2017.

It is 2,500 Square meters and boasts two ‘listening rooms’ where the public can take the speakers for a test drive. This is a tried and tested concept and something competitor Bang & Olufsen have been doing for a while with their stores. The concept is simple, make a room with an optimal acoustic and tech setup to immersive the potential customer in the amazing sound and solution. Something normally impossible in a busy retail environment.

Sonos have commented in interviews the store is designed to be “minimalistic” and really allow the public to discover and experience Sonos.

This is a very important time for Sonos with more and more companies trying to muscle in on the speaker market. For example, Amazon with its whole house audio Alexa solution.
Sonos Shop LondonRecently Sonos released Sonos One with an integrated Amazon Alexa assistant. The speaker allows you to control it via your voice as well as the normal application or remote.

This is probably the product they will be trying to push the most with its new retail store and the vast growth in voice controlled tech.

We will visit the store soon and let you all know what it is like and if it it is worth a special trip!
For more information on Sonos, read our Sonos Review.

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I’m a big Sonos fan, so this is great news. I think you might mean 2500sqft not sqm though, unless they’ve found a warehouse in Covent Garden!

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