In a surprise move Stringify has been acquired by Comcast!

Stringify launched in 2014 after 2 years in development. They raised an impressive $6.3M in investment in April 2015.

If you are wondering who Stringify are, its an app and website like IFTTT but it goes much further and allows advanced ‘flows’. For example you can connect multiple items and actions in a way everyone wished IFTTT allowed years ago.

Most of you will also be wondering who Comcast are, being in the UK its not a house hold name. Comcast are a vast Telecommunications company. They are the world’s largest broadcasting and cable company and the largest internet provider in the USA. This makes them a very big player in the smart home market.

Where does this leave Stringify and its users? We are not sure, the official comment said:

“Our team joins the fast-growing engineering group at Comcast that develops the
technologies behind Xfinity Home and xFi, Comcast’s new and personalized Wi-Fi
experience that provides customers unique control of their home networks………
…..The next chapters will be especially fun and we hope you continue to help us deliver
those magical experiences that make the Internet of Things so exciting.”

However it did not mention if Stringify will remain a free open solution or if it will be ring
fenced only for Comcast customers or xFi / Xfinity Home users, sadly we expect this will be
the case.

xFi is Comcasts mesh wi-fi solution and Xfinity Home their security solution.

One good thing is this shows Comcast really take Smart Homes and IoT seriously and shows the future for the space is bright.

IFTTT your move now, this is your chance to take back the space Stringify started to steal!