Sure Flap App Controlled Pet Door

Back in April we announced Sure Flap had released their first smart app controlled product, a wifi pet door that alerts you on an app when its used and allows you to limit access. The product works with the animals Micro Chip.

You can buy your SureFlap products straight on Amazon, from £40.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

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One thing that always concerns us when these products are launched is how does the tech work, what platform it is on and how has an industry leading pet company developed a smart wifi IoT product.

Xively log me in

Basically will it continue to work and can it handle the volumes effectively.  It’s one thing buying a smart light bulb that you can remove if it is buggy but cutting a hole in your houses wall for a pet door – you want to be sure!

After a little bit of digging we are pleased to say Sure Flaps smart wifi pet door is powered by Xively – part of LogMeIn Inc. They are one of the world’s leading providers of remote services, all being cloud based.

Read the full case study here:

So if like us your thinking about taking the plunge and buying a Sure Flap smart pet door when they go on sale – be safe in the knowledge the platform it runs on handles over 255 million devices across 7 world wide data centres. Impressive stuff!

Unlike a lot of smart home tech, it seems they have thought about this and the impact on its customers before releasing the product. The case study states:

…Despite it being operational it was not cost-effective and would require SureFlap’s customers to pay subscription fee. Realizing this was the wrong business model for their product, SureFlap required a service with fast response but low cost of operation in order to keep their service free to its customers.

Brilliant to see they understand their customers as the last thing we, myself being a customer, want is a subscription for our pet products or tech.

We look forward to seeing what other exciting updates Sure Flap has in the pipeline, after making such a big integration we can only assume there is lots more smart pet tech on the way.

PS: You can buy your SureFlap products straight on Amazon, from £40.

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