SureFlap the market leaders in cat flaps have upgraded their app and dropped a hint about a new product release. A specifically designed, app enabled, smart cat flap!
SureFlaps app connects to their existing smart pet door, a larger cat flap, allowing you to:
  • Monitor your pets activity and easily spot changes in behaviour
  • Receive notifications when your pet enters or leaves
  • Remotely lock the door
  • Schedule locking and unlocking
  • Share access with friends
Smart Cat FlapThis is clever tech as it allows you to easily monitor your pet. Giving you peace of mind as well as giving your pet the freedom they need.
The updated app comes with a few improvements:
  • Improved server communication
  • Updated dashboard allowing quicker and easier access to data
  • Improved household view – supporting multiple pets
SureFlap released their smart pet door in April 2017 (read about the release here: Sure Flap Smart Per Door ) and hinted about a smaller cat flap version in the future.
Todays update states it will also support the “SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect”. A yet to be released smaller version designed specifically for cats. This strongly suggests to us the smart cat flap will be released any time now!
Hopefully with it will come additional integrations like Alexa or IFTTT functionality. IFTTT would be very useful as if would allow you to connect your cat flap to your smart home, for example welcoming your cat home with lights or a recorded welcome message.

When will the smart cat flap be released?

As soon as we have a release date and pricing for the smart microchip cat flap we will share it with you.
The updated app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today.
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