This is the second generation of an impressive sounding gadget that could revolutionize washing your clothes as it uses no detergent or washing powders. You just need to place Washwow in a bowl of water with the clothes.

WashwowThe deep clean is achieved by electrolysis, removing grease or stains within 20 minutes use as well as killing 99.98 of bacteria! (This has been proved by independent tests – we have seen the paperwork)

No Chemicals
Washwow 2.0 uses no chemicals so is a much more environmentally friendly way to clean as well as friendlier on fabrics.

We have all had an annoying washing mishap where a favourite top has been destroyed thanks to the wrong type of powder or cycle – hopefully Washwow will fix this.

Silent washing
As Washwow works with electrolysis it is totally silent, making it good for last minute late night washes when your machine would wake the neighbours.

Wireless Power
Washwow charges with Qi wireless charging, the same tech in the new range of iPhones, making it easy to use it without the need for power cables.

This all sounds exciting to us, who doesn’t like to make a chore like washing easier and better?!

We will update you once we have managed to get our hands on one to try it out for ourselves.

For more information have a look at their website: or buy yours via KickStarter at the time of writing early bird prices were still available.

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