Sleep is something we all need and often are not very good at doing, especially with such hectic lives and such busy bedrooms that are not optimised for sleep.

Homni from Terraillon is a new product that is going to try and fix this! It’s currently for £199.99 on Amazon UK.

Unlike a lot of sleep tech Terraillon have gone one step further and worked with a medical institute, the European Sleep Centre, to understand the problem and how to fix it.

Homni comes in three parts:

This is the main unit and contains an impressive number of sensors (temperature, humidity, noise level,,brightness) to analyse your room.

Dot Sleep Sensor (included)
This is the little sensor that analyses your sleep, looking at duration, cycles and movement.

Wellness Coach Sleep App
This collects all the data from Dot Sleep and Homni into a dashboard and analyses it to improve your sleep.

On top of analysing your sleep it goes a few steps further!

It claims to be able to help you get to sleep using ‘Cardiac Coherence’, this is a light that helps you slow down your breathing. Slower breathing has been proved to help in falling asleep.

It also helps you wake up, using a sunrise function that gives out different coloured lights depending on your sleep phase, for example blue to help you wake up.

That’s not all… it even has 2 USB ports to charge your phone. Not forgetting an integrated Bluetooth Speaker so you can listen to your own music before you fall asleep.

Wow this is a feature packed bit of tech.

Here is their promo video:

Terraillon already have quite a few successful smart gadgets so we are excited to have a play with Homni to see if it lives up to the pedigree.

Homni will go on sale with an RRP of £199 via their website. It’s currently for £199.99 on Amazon UK.

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