Tile the market leading Bluetooth tracker has just had an impressive upgrade, releasing the Tile Pro series.

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If you have not heard of Tile before it’s a small Bluetooth tracker that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). It is attached to items like keys or bags to help you find them when you have misplaced them using their app.

Tile comes with a handy community feature. If another user of Tile walks past your item marked as lost you get an alert on the location. Seeing as they have sold 10 Million of these devices they have a lot of users making this a potentially useful feature.

However take into consideration Tile has only officially been on sale in the UK since February 2016. It’s been on sale in USA since 2013 so how many of these 10 Million are in the UK we do not know.

The new Tile Pro series comes in two types:

Pro Sport

Pro Style
Both are slightly larger than the previous Tile mate and Tile slim. The idea with the Pro series is it is clipped to the item rather than put in a wallet.

Not only has the design had an upgrade but so has the features and functionality.

The range has been doubled from 30M / 100 feet to a impressive 60M / 200 feet. To put it into context that is over the length of 5 London busses!!

The volume has been doubled, allowing you to hear your tile more easily when looking for it.

The waterproofing has also been increased from IP67 to IP68 ( if you don’t understand IP rating reading our What is IP rating guide). This means it can be underwater at a depth of 1.5M for one hour.

Along with hardware updates the app has been upgraded adding:

  • Volume control
  • Custom rings
  • Updated proximity meter

One super interesting addition to us is the integration with Smart Home tech.

Tile now works with Google Assistant and very soon Amazon Alexa.

You will be able to say to Alexa “Alexa, ask Tile to ring my keys”. If they keys are not in range it will return the last location.

For best prices and offers buy direct, their website is: https://www.thetileapp.com/

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