TomTom market leaders in SatNav tech today announced their latest innovation – TomTom Go Premium.

TomTom Go Premium is a SatNav that supports IFTTT, allowing it to connect to your smart home!

This allows some great life hacks, for example opening the garage door when you come home or turning off all the lights as you leave.

TomTom Go Premium automatically updates via inbuilt WiFi, as well as working with the TomTom MyDrive app.

One handy feature of the app is recording where you parked your car. Great for preventing embarrassing lost car syndrome!

TomTom Go Premium is available in 5′ and 6′ and is currently only available in Europe.

We are interested in taking TomTom Go Premium for a spin to see how effective the IFTTT integration is. We will update you if we manage to get our hands on one!

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