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UNO: The first cross device USB Type-C magnetic cable funded

UNO magnetic USB Type C Cable

UNO: The first cross device type-C USB cable now fully funded on Kickstarter.

We know what you are thinking… this is not the first type-C USB magnetic cable. What makes UNO different is it has adapters for Lightning, Micro USB and Type-C. All connected via powerful neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold an iPad Air!

Unlike existing magnetic charger cables, UNO claim the magnets have been positioned to allow easy connection. Even if the tip is flipped 180°.

The cable supports QC4.0 and Apple fast charge allowing you to quickly charge your smart tech. As well as full USB 2.0 data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps.

To overcome the frustrating fray issue most cable owners are familiar with the cable is wrapped in anti-fray material.

ASAP Technologies are so confident in their cable they offer a full 10-year warranty! Longer than most people have their smart phone.

The cable is available now with guaranteed July shipping. Pledges, not prices as Kickstarter, start at £16.

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