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KODAK has always been synonymous with Cameras and tech, since 1888! Fast forward to 2018 and KODAK has made a move into the Smart Home space, releasing a KODAK Smart Security System. This has been done via a licensing deal with Liz Invest.

The system includes a range of HD indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors. We are having a look at the EP101WG the outdoor HD motorised camera.

What does the EP101WG outdoor KODAK camera do?

This is a monster of an outdoor camera, not a stealth or discreet outdoor camera. The camera itself is inside a done mounted on an arm – this allows it to offer impressive pan, tilt and zoom functionality.

The camera is full HD 1080p is IP66, so fully safe for outside and has internal SD recording option as well as Google Drive. This means no on-going subscriptions are required, great news as most of the new cameras in this space come with hefty subscriptions.

The camera also has 10-meter night vision and infrared filter, for clear vision.

As the camera is part of a full security system it can be connected to KODAK sensors. When these sensors are triggered the camera will automatically turn to the sensor if triggered.

Kodak EP101WG Motorized Security IP Full HD Outdoor Camera

Kodak EP101WG Motorized Security IP Full HD Outdoor Camera

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How easy is it to setup?

First you need to install the camera, this is straightforward as the cables run nicely through the arm. The cables and connectors are not waterproof so these need to be ran inside.

Kodak security system

However, as the cables both come together through the arm a small hole can be drilled for the power cable and ethernet if needed. We didn’t use the ethernet just WiFi. It can then be fitted flush to the wall.

The next step is to download and installing the free KODAK Security mobile app.

Like most smart home tech, the setup is done by connecting to the cameras own WiFi signal then adding it to the local network WiFi. We did have a small hiccup during setup, but a quick reset fixed it.

(If you are reading this and having issues the reset button is not labelled and hidden inside the SD cover. Press it in for 8 seconds to rest)

Once setup one essential step is to change the default password as it is 123456. This can be changed inside the advanced settings.

What is the connectivity?

The KODAK system connects to Google Drive to store recordings however that aside it has no third party connectivity. We can only assume this is by design as it is a security system so not wanting IFTTT is understandable. However a Amazon Alexa Skill or some smart home connectivity does seem like a missing feature.

How much does the EP101WG cost?

£169.99 for the camera, additional security accessories are sold separately.

Alternatively If you are after the full solution you can buy a starter kit that contains a camera and sensors for a reduced price.

What’s it like living with it?

Kodak EP101WG Night view

The camera is great, excellent picture day and night – the super smooth pan and zoom work very well.

The app is packed with features  although all oddly hidden within settings, the cog, and  advanced. These include:

  • Email alerts – receive emails when motion is detected
  • Video settings – change quality, light and flip image
  • Cloud settings – connect to Google Drive
  • Sensitivity settings  – change motion sensitivity including masking an area
KODAK Security Camera Settings

Most of these options normally are setup within the main menu so why they decided to hide them under advanced we are not sure.

What are our final thoughts?

Kodak EP101WG review

This is a great subscription free camera solution, especially if you add the functionality of the sensors. The app is packed with features, even if it does take a while to find them all. Motion masking is great, not all cameras offer this.
The only thing missing is third party connectivity. For example; Alexa show my garden camera or triggering Philips Hue lights if motion. Hopefully that will come later!

For more information please visit their website: https://be-connected.com/

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