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How often do you lose your keys or wallet? Tile want to make this problem a thing of the past. They have a range of different Tiles for different purposes, in this review we are looking at Tile Pro Style.

For more information of the differences between Tiles look at our article – Tile Pro vs Tile Mate.

What does Tile Pro do?

Tile Pro is a Bluetooth tracker that connects to a smart phone app. The app then lets you ring the items. Cleverly you can also use the tile to ring your phone, so it works both ways.

Tile Pro is louder than its counterparts making it easier to hear if under the sofa and is also water proof to 1.5 M for 30 minutes.

One problem with Bluetooth trackers or location stickers is the distance is not quite good enough. That is not the case with Tile, it has a range of 61 meters, if the Tile is out of range the app shows ‘last place seen’.  However the really clever part comes into it if you misplace the item, as other users app’s can update your items location!

Tile Review UK

The part that makes this so impressive is the amount of users they have – they state on their website ‘more than 10 million Tiles sold’, impressive numbers especial as all these users can help you find your items.

We tested it in a small village in the UK and were very surprised to see 1,389 people were using Tile. This is pretty powerful as it means these people can help us find your items. Tile call these users you ‘search team’.

How easy is it to setup?

Super easy in 4 steps:

1) Install the app, for both ios and Android
2) Place the tile near your phone
3) Press the tile logo on the tile
4) Name the tile on the app

As its a sealed unit there was no headache with a battery or activating.

What’s the connectivity?

Tile Pro works on Bluetooth low energy, it is also works with Alexa via a skill

“Alexa, ask Tile to find my keys”

How much does Tile Pro Cost?

A single Tile Pro cost £30 or a twin pack is £50 (Get it here)

Tile Pro

Check the Price on Amazon UK Check the Price on Amazon US

However Tile’s battery cannot be changed – it has a guaranteed life of 1 year, after this you can use their ‘ReTile program‘ to get a replacement with ‘up to 40% off’.

Another good point is Tile is 99% recyclable.

What’s it like living with Tile Pro?

Tile Pro Review

Really good! Tile has thought long and hard about the design, usage and app, small things like the phone can be rang from Tile even if its on silent – taking it out of silent mode.

The tile looks great and not out of place as a stylish key ring.

What are our final thoughts?

At first we were very sceptical especially with the built in obsolescence, however after using it and many of its competitors it makes sense as it creates a product they can guarantee.

We are now hooked and will be getting more tiles to add to our collection!

For More information check out Tile’s website: Tile.com

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