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Philips Hue UK

Philips Hue 3.0 update released

Philips Hue announced the release of their updated phone and tablet app in January 2018. The new app has now been globally rolled out hitting the UK this week. ...
Philips Hue Entertainment

Philips Hue Announces 3 big things!

To celebrate their 3rd birthday Philips Hue just announced 3 pretty big improvements coming to Hue! Hue Entertainment Philips has long been talking about...

IKEA Trådfri & Hue work together NOW!

Earlier this year we exclusively confirmed that IKEA Trådfri lights will one day with work with Philips Hue. This is due to them both using the ZigBee protocol...
Philips hue

Philips Hue Review

This is a We Own it review! In this review we are looking at the new Philips Hue Hub 2.0 and a selection of the bulbs and strips. What does it do? Phil...