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How it works

This is a We Own it review!

Cammy was created by a small start up in Australia, founded in 2014. However don’t be put off by the fact they are a relatively new player – they boast an impressive 30,000 active users!

Cammy recently changed the supplied cameras and its pricing model, this review is on the latest cameras and the new pricing model.

Cammy Penguine Camera review

Cammy’s Penguin Camera in our house

What does the Cammy Wireless Alarm System do?

They offer wifi cameras, or as they call them ‘wireless alarm systems’ both inside and outside with an accompanying desktop and phone App.

The concept is simple:

Choose your cameras, either included in subscription price or add on price. Pay a monthly subscription per camera. Get alerts when a person is detected with “no false alarms”

It requires a subscription service and for that you get 30 days cloud recording, as well as a few features like location tracked ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’.

How does it work and what is the tech?

The cameras work on 2.4GHz wifi so ensure you have a good signal in the area you wish to put cameras. They state you need a minimum upload of 0.5MB for it to work – this is because it’s all cloud based and they need to upload.

The cameras are mains powered, with no backup power. However I can’t remember the last time we had a power cut, but worth noting if you did these would go down.

Also they are cloud based with no local hard drive backup option – so if your internet goes down these stop working.

The cameras they supply are not exclusive to Cammy, other companies are offering them.

For example Yale’s Home View Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, looks very like Cammy’s Penguin:

cammy camera

On the left Yale, on the right Cammy

Regardless of who made the cameras they are brilliant quality!  The cameras come in 3 types, all HD but with different features:

Alien Indoor Camera

  • Wifi
  • HD
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Night Vision

Penguine Indoor Camera

  • Wifi
  • HD
  • 350′ horizontal rotation
  • 120′ vertical rotation
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Night Vision
  • PIR Sensor

Nighthawk Outdoor Camera

  • Wifi
  • HD
  • Night Vision
  • Waterproof

Here is some screenshots from our Nighthawk Camera, you can see how impressive is at night:
Cammy Camera night view
What is exclusive is their brilliant app and alert system. They are so proud of this they refer to it as “The only camera based alarm system that guarantees no false alarms”

The app offers a few functions:

  • Cameras – See quick view of events on all cameras
  • Timeline – Detected events
  • Alarms – Location based ‘alarms’
  • Live view – See live view with audio

    Cammy Review The location based ‘alarms’ are brilliant it allows multiple phones locations to ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’ the ‘alarms’. Basically if you are both not in and a person is detected it alerts you how you choose either a call, phone alarm or message. You always also get a notification

Cammy Camera review uk

They also have an accompanying Apple Watch app – pretty cool to be able to watch your CCTV from your watch.

How easy is it to setup?

We found this very easy to setup!

1.   Attach the antenna to the camera
2.  Plug in power and ethernet cable
3.  Plug ethernet into router
4.  Install the App
5.  Scan the QR code on the camera
6. Name the camera
7. Select wifi network
8. Done!

What’s the connectivity?

This is where Cammy lets itself down, it’s an anti-social home automation gadget and talks to nothing apart from its own app, although they do have a phone and desktop app. This is a real shame and one thing that does stand out as a shortcoming.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the cameras you get:

Upfront cost:

-Alien Indoor Camera – £0
-Penguin Indoor Camera £59.99
-Nighthawk Camera – £99.95

Subscription cost:

£9.50 a month, with the alien coming with a 12 month minimum contract.

What’s it like living with it?

Good, we’ve had quite a few alerts and alarms but pleased to say none have been crime related. The only one annoying thing is if you change your Wi-Fi name or password, for example if you get a new supplier,  you need to plug your cameras into the router again via ethernet cable. This was very annoying with the outside camera as had to take it down and put it up again. That aside no issues.

What are our final thoughts?

We’re a fan of these cameras. They offer a cheap effective cctv solution, the only drawback is the lack of connectivity. However were optimistic one day this will come.

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