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Sleep tech is a fast growing space with a wide range of gadgets promising to give you that deep restful sleep.

Dodow is such a gadget, the French inventors claim it helps you fall asleep in as little as 8 minutes! All you need to do is breathe.

This review is slightly different for us as it’s a stand-alone bit of tech with no app or connectivity.

What does Dodow do?

Dodow is a small disc that projects a blue light onto the ceiling. The light expands and then contracts, the aim is to sync your breathing with the contractions.

dodow review
DoDow review uk

The Idea is this slows down your breathing from 11 to 6 breathes per minute the cardiac coherence rhythm. This puts your into a natural sleep by basically relaxing you and helping to remove stress.
There is a lot of scientific research to back this up, its not just pseudoscience like a lot of things in this space.

(If you fancy a geeky read you can see the science behind it here)

To turn it on you tap the disc once for 8 minutes of light contractions or twice for 20 minutes.

How easy is it to setup?

There is no setup, just insert the supplied batteries. Tap it once for 8 minutes and twice for 20.

dodow setup

How much does Dodow Cost?

£44 from Amazon

Dodow - Sleep Aid Device

Dodow – Sleep Aid Device

Check the Price on Amazon UK Check the Price on Amazon US

What’s it like living with Dodow?

It sounds easy breathing in time to a contracting light but it’s strangely difficult.

It took a good few attempts to manage to fully sync with Dodow. However once achieved you do feel it start to work!

To start with just watching the light and getting used to it and then slowly adapting your breathing.

The 8 minutes is not long enough for me and always found the 20 much better but too long. However this isn’t an issue as it turns off automatically.

One small point is the light only shines directly up. As our bedroom has a pitched ceiling to clearly see it in bed I had to place it on my pillow. Also because of this you need to lie on your back.

It would be good if a future model allowed you to tilt the light so it could shine on a side wall.

Another interesting point is the brightness of the light. The light brightness can be adjusted but its still not that bright. Your room needs to be dark to clearly see it.

However after looking into this funnily enough other users commented it was too bright, it’s obviously a contentious issue!

What are our final thoughts?

It’s a simple yet strangely effective sleep gadget. A big part of the beauty of Dodow is the simplicity, no configuration or faff before sleep.

Future versions could tweak the design slightly to allow wall projection however that aside for us it’s a permanent fixture on our bedside!

For more information on How to fall asleep with Dodow visit their website.

To buy it visit  Amazon


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