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Sometimes we hear about Smart Tech that sound too good to be true! When we received an email about glasses that improve sleep we thought we had found one…

Swannies Blue Light Blocking glasses – glasses the manufacture claim help you sleep. They have over 35,000 happy customers so we were very eager to see what they could do for us!? As you can imagine we are always glued to our screen, if its not a computer or TV its an iPhone.

What do Swannies glasses do?

They blocked out artificial blue light from tech, for example TV’s, computer or phones. This light is scientifically proven to disrupt your sleep. The clever part is they do not prevent you form watching TV or using your computer, unless of course you’re a designer and need to see exact colours.

How easy are they to setup?

These are normal glasses; no setup required no batteries just wear them. The ‘magic’ is all done via the lens. The great part about that is it’s a onetime purchase.

How much do they cost?

£69 direct from Amazon for their classic model or for their new stylish range £73 from Indiegogo. This is not the cheapest on the market but the frames are nicer and these do have a premium feel.

What’s it like living with Swannies?

Swannies blue glasses

Left without glasses / Right with glasses

They do take some time to get used to, firstly the habit of putting them on. We set an Alexa reminder every evening at 21:00 to put them on. Once you have them on you need to get used to the colour difference. It’s a slight sepia tone, nothing too dramatic and after a while you do adjust to it.

The best part is they do work and do seem to make a difference to sleep. We tested them for over two weeks and after 4 days use we noticed getting to sleep does seem easier.

As always with sleep tech you can’t help but wonder if the effect is psychosomatic, so we looked into their science claims. Harvard university fully support their claims as do top UK universities. Furthermore SleepScore Labs did an product validation study and found:

“On the user experience side, participants’ responses were very favorable: 90% of users said it was easy to make wearing the glasses part of their nightly routine, and 90% of users felt the glasses were comfortable. Many users commented that wearing Swannies reduced eye strain and helped them relax. In addition, 73% of users said they would recommend Swannies to their close friends and family, and 80% planned to continue to use Swannies after completion of the study”

What are our final thoughts?

If you are an avid tech user, as odd as it sounds, wearing a pair of Swannies before you go to sleep does help you get to sleep!

This is a strong 4 from us and we will keep wearing them to see if the effect continues. If it does they could score higher.

For more information visit their website: https://www.swanwicksleep.com

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