Smart Home Gift Guide 2018

Looking for the ultimate Smart Home gift? Look no further.

Here is a list of the ultimate Smart Home Gifts Guide for 2018! We have tried to find a gift for every budget from Sonos to Bluetooth tracker Tile. 

Enjoy our smart home gifts list below!

Philips Hue Start Kit Christmas 2017
Philips Hue White Starter Kit 
Price: £159.99

Philips Hue is the ultimate Smart Lightning solution. One of the reasons we love it as a gift is it can be added to any home as the bulbs fit into standard fittings.

The starter kit contains all the lucky receiver needs to jump into the world of hue; the hub, 3 colour changing bulbs and a dimmer switch. Another reason its a great gift is they can add to the setup as slowly or as quickly as they like, also great for future presents.Ring Video Doorbell 2 Christmas 2017Ring Video Doorbell 2
Price: £179

We know what you are thinking – a doorbell as a present?! This is not just a doorbell it’s a video doorbell, one we are big fans off.  It allows the owner to ‘answer’ the door via the App from where ever they are and communicate via 2-way audio. Pretty cool! We recommend Ring 2 – this is the latest model and has some big improvements on their earlier version for example video quality and changeable battery.Sonos One giftSonos One
Price: £199

Sonos is the market leader in whole home audio, winning multiple awards for quality and innovation. This is their latest player and can be fully voice controlled via an integrated Alexa! Sonos supports all the streaming services you have heard of, as well as many you have never heard of! Perfect gift for any music lover.Tile Pro Christmas 2017Tile Pro
Price: £29.99

The perfect present for someone who always loose things – Tile Pro the Bluetooth tracker. Tile released their new Tile Pro range this year, the new Tile Pro has an impressive range of over 60 meters, is waterproof and works with Alexa! If you buy a twin pack it works out cheaper and means you can track your wallet as well as keys. It comes in two designs, Tile Pro Style (shown above in gold) or the more rugged Tile Pro Sport – the only difference is the sport is slightly thicker.Amazon Echo Dot Christmas

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation
Price: £49.99

Voice assistants have been huge this year, the clear winner we think is Amazon Alexa. She interacts with a vast amount of Smart Home tech, like Philips Hue. Her default functionality is useful and allows you to set reminders, set alarms as well as ask questions, for example ‘What time is Sainsburys open today’. On top of this you can install Alexa Skills for almost anything, even recommending a beer to go with your meal! PS. don’t forget to download the Alexa London Tube Skill!

Oittm Essential Oil Diffuser reviewOittm Smart Oil Diffuser
Price: £34.99

Looking for a gift for someone that loves a nice smell, you know the type – candles and oil burners? This brings them into 2018 with an Alexa controlled oil diffuser! It also is much safer than traditional oil diffusers as this uses ultrasonic tech not heat.ikettle 3 Christmas 2017Smarter iKettle (3rd Generation)
Price: £99

The ultimate gift for any tea drinker, iKettle is the app controlled kettle – allowing you to boil it from anywhere. The iKettle 3rd generation just came out and boasts IFTTT and Alexa integration. “Alexa make me a cup of tea”.Google Mesh Wi-Fi Christmas 2017 Google Wifi
Price: £129

This is a geeky gift but one a true geek will really appreciate. Google Wifi is a new mesh solution, creating a fast and powerful home wifi network. Super simple to setup and has great features like family controls for limiting wifi and priority for ensuring the film your streaming doesn’t start to stutter.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap ConnectSmart Cat Flap!

We know what you are thinking.. how can you give a cat flap as a gift? This is not just a cat flap, this gives cat owners true peace of mind. It allows them to know exactly when their beloved pet has come in and gone out. As well as lots of other handy features like locking them in or out. Also give this and no one will ever say your gifts are not original!