JML Star Shower Window Wonderland Review
Brilliant idea!Great marketing
Poor build qualityLow power projectionPoor throw
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This is a we own it review of JML’s Star Shower Window Wonderland. The Christmas and Halloween window projection system. Something to give our our Smart Home some festive fun!

What does JML Star Shower Window Wonderland do?!

The idea is brilliant, it’s a small inside projector that projects to the inside of your window creating ‘dazzling’ Christmas and Halloween windows, to see from the outside. Transforming your windows into something exciting for Halloween or Christmas.

It comes preloaded with 6 Christmas ‘movies’ and 6 Halloween ‘movies’.

Ranging from waving Santa to cute puppies with presents.

It also has an aux out to connect external speakers or as they call it audio port.

How easy is it to setup?

Window Wonderland comes in four parts:

  • Projector
  • Aux cable
  • Stand
  • Screen and attachment pads

To set it up you first need to attach the screen to the window. The screen is what can only be described as very thin white plastic sheet.

You are supposed to use the supplied adhesive corners with velcro to attach it. This allows you to remove the screen and reattach it. This does not work very well and we resorted to masking tape. It’s important to try and pull the screen tight otherwise you can see the creases from the outside.

Once the screen is in place you need to clip the stand together, plug in the projector and focus it by twisting the lens. You can also select the type of projection landscape or portrait depending on your window type.

The idea is that is it, you now select either Christmas or Halloween and your window is transformed.

However this Christmas dream wasn’t meant to be!

How much does JML window Wonderland cost?


What’s it like living with it?


We are not living with it, it has been returned for a refund.

JML Star Shower Window Wonderland review

This is the best we could make it work, after hours of trying. Even taking a poor photo like this was hard.

The Christmas dream is no more.

The first issue is the projector, it’s construction is cheap plastic and when trying to tilt it at the window it constantly falls over. You need to place something onto the supplied stand legs to weight it down.

Next the main issues, the projector is just not good enough.

Anyone who has used projectors before will know about throw distance. This is the distance from the screen the projector needs to be to make a set size. We tried and tried to get the projector to fill our ‘window screen’ but all we could achieve was a small disappointing picture, after hours of trying.

To make matters worse the bulb is not very powerful, this results in a dim barely visible projection. For best results the lights inside need to be completely off with total darkness.

This is the best we could make it look! Like most potential users we set it up in our living room window, as it’s the main window visible from outside.

Unless we wanted to sit it darkness this is flawed. We then tried to set it up in a bedroom but could not get a decent picture as the room was not big enough.

What are our final thoughts?

We are disappointed, we had big hopes for this after all the hype and unfortunately it just does not live up to it.

Let’s be honest we did not expect HD 1080 Christmas projection for £79 however we expected it to work and look ‘good enough’ but it just is not.

The idea is brilliant, no more hassle climbing ladders outside setting up Christmas lights. It just needs rethinking. Hopefully JML will release a better version next year, until then we suggest you save your money.

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