Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

Sure Petcare releases smart pet feeder

Sure Petcare release their exciting new innovation a smart microchip pet feeder! The smart pet feeder connects to their existing Smart petcare app via the a...
Pawbo Pet Camera Review

Pawbo Pet Camera Review

Imagine if you could play with your pet from your work, throw them a treat and even talk to them?! Step up the Pawbo Life Pet Camera and treat dispen...
Smart Pet

SureFlap tease Smart Cat Flap

SureFlap the market leaders in cat flaps have upgraded their app and dropped a hint about a new product release. A specifically designed, app enabled, smart cat...
Smart Cat Flap

Sure Flap – Smart Cat Flap Coming Soon!

Sure Flap the cat flap and pet experts made an interesting announcement, they have developed the worlds first Wifi App controlled - Smart Cat Flap. You can buy...