Skype Alexa

Alexa can now Skype!

Microsoft has joined up with Amazon to allow calling between Alexa and Skype. This integration enables Skype users to voice call any Echo device as well as vide...
robotic vacuum UK

Top Tips when buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today’s vacuum cleaners perform specialized jobs such as cleaning hard floors, vacuuming deep carpets and mopping hard and smooth surfaces. These particular gad...
Sonos IFTTT tutorial

How to connect Sonos to IFTTT

Sonos is one of the ultimate Smart Home speakers, allowing you to connect your entire home and play almost unlimited music sources.  In this How To we are looki...
Pawbo Pet Camera Review

Pawbo Pet Camera Review

Imagine if you could play with your pet from your work, throw them a treat and even talk to them?! Step up the Pawbo Life Pet Camera and treat dispenser that le...
Robot Hoover Review

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum & Mop Review

Robots are supposed to make our life’s easier doing the tasks no one likes to do. A perfect example is hoovering and mopping.  ILIFE’s V8s does exactly that, ro...
Alexa annoncements UK

How to use Alexa Announcements in the UK

Alexa announcements allow you to use your Amazon Echo’s as a one-way intercom between rooms. Ideal when you have more than one Echo around your house.  Uses inc...

IKEA trådfri colour hits UK stores!

IKEA has added new products to their smart lighting range trådfri. The products include the much anticipated colour bulbs as well as LED power supply’s, also ca...
Google Assistant Calling

Google Assistant can now make calls!

Amazon Alexa users look away now, Google Assistant just released a new feature in the UK. The ability to be able to call any landline or mobile! Thi...
Candy Bianca washing machine

Talk to your washing machine!

Looking for a smart washing machine? Something that is supposed to make doing the dreaded chore of washing clothes easier? Say hello to Candy's Bianca, a smart ...