SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Speaker Review
Great fun!Can connect to AlexaComes with all cables
Sound quality is ok
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This is a review of the SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Speakers Fountain Speakers.

What does SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Speakers Fountain Speakers do?

SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Speakers review

As the name slightly gives away these are dancing water speakers! They can either be plugged in via USB or use the inbuilt battery.  Charging time is 2 hours for a 3 hour playtime or 6 hours standby.

The two speakers come as a pair, with each having 4 coloured LED lights inside as well as a water that dances and moves inside the speaker with whatever is played. The unit is sealed and feels well made.

The best way to understand what they do is to watch them.

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How easy is it to setup?

There is not really any setup, the speakers connect to each other via a link cable.

You can either connect to a media source (Phone / Laptop etc) via the supplied aux cable or via Bluetooth.

How much do they cost?

£50.99 on Amazon – at time of reviewing (2/1/18) on sale £25.99!

Soundsoul Bluetooth Water Speaker

Soundsoul Bluetooth Water Speaker

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What’s the connectivity?

They connect via a supplied aux cable or via Bluetooth.
The smart part is the Bluetooth connection is pin less, this means it can be connected to Alexa!

What’s it like living with it?

These are a really fun portable speaker, the lights and water dancing look great.
The fact it can connects to Alexa via Bluetooth is a big plus.

What are our final thoughts?

Perfect for a kids bedroom. The sound quality is good enough, we didn’t expect mind blowing audio as the main feature of these speakers is the fun!

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