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This is a We Own It, review of the home WiFi solution Google WiFi

Best Mesh Wi-Fi

What does Google WiFi do?

Google WiFi is a new mesh solution, the idea is it covers your house in a mesh network (see our article what is mesh WiFi). This is designed to prevent black spots and the headache of having to change network when you move between floors of your house, as you often do with extenders and repeaters.

PS. You can buy Google WiFi from Amazon from under £140.

Google WiFi

Google WiFi

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How easy is it to setup?

Super simple!

Connect the primary point to your router, in our case a Virgin Media Super Hub.

Power up the primary point, install the Google WiFi app scan the code on the primary points base. You then choose a name for WiFi network and its live!

how to setup Google Wi-fi

We setup two additional points, so 3 in total. To do this it prompts

During setting ours up we received the message saying the connection was poor.

After a third location we found the perfect spot to get strong signal throughout the house.

Google Wi-Fi setup

We found the best location was the room above the primary point in the server room downstairs.

To give a bit of background it’s a large 3 bedroom house with very solid brick walls and just near the server room is a very large RSJ – yes not the best design but required unfortunately.

Once it was setup it installs the latest firmware, ours took less than 2 minutes.

Google Wi-Fi Control

Once setup you can see the features within the app, this includes:
Priority Device – This is a great feature and allows you to quickly priorities devices. For example, if you are streaming a film you want to give the TV maximum bandwidth.

Family WiFi – This feature allows you to group devices, for example Kids PlayStation and set automatic pauses to allow focus on homework

Google Wi-Fi Family controls

Guest WiFi – As the name suggest you can setup a guest WiFi, this is best practice from a security point of view, rather than letting your guests access your main network and what is on it.

House Control – This allows you to control your smart home from one simple interface, for example Hue lights.

Google Wi-Fi plug

One silly tip when setting up, the plug is expandable. If like me you quickly try and plug it in, it won’t fit as you need to extend the earth pin out. It just pulls open.

What’s the connectivity?

Brilliant it fully supports IFTTT and Alexa, we have set ours to allow voice prioritising via

If we are streaming a 4K film we simple ask Alexa to prioritise the TV to ensure a buffer free movie night.

How much does Google WiFi cost?

It depends how many units you need.

1-pack is £129
2-pack is £229
In our house we setup 3 units so the total cost was £350 – most houses will be ok with 2. We only got a 3rd to ensure the garden was fully covered.

What’s it like living with Google Wi-fi?

Google WiFi has dramatically improved the speed and stability of our WiFi.

Google Wi-Fi Speed

What are our final thoughts?

We have tried nearly every Internet/WiFi solution on the market from Power Line to Access points and this is the best solution we have used.

So much so this is our first ever 5* review!!

PS. You can buy Google WiFi from Amazon from under £140.

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